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What others say?

“I can create my trading strategies by adding technical rules in the composer very quickly.”

“I used it every day to look for interesting stocks by screening my list of strategies.”


ChartNexus XPertTrader™ is a unified trading system that combines a stock screener, a rules composer and a backtester for creating powerful rules to help you identify winning stocks.

Designed to work for traders, investors, brokers with some level of understanding of technical indicators, XPertTrader™ lets you create your own set of rules based on our pre-set indicators and then conduct simulated back-testing on these rules.

The Rules Composer allows user to create their strategies.
Making use of simple logic functions, you can create your own trading strategies by piecing indicator rules together.
No programming needed.
The stock screener screens for stocks that matched the strategy created at Rules Composer.
The Backtester will give you an idea on how your trading strategy performs against the test of time. A full report on the performance is available for the user to evaluate and fine-tune the trading strategy.
Key Features

Easy construction of rules to form a complete trading system
Inclusion of logical operators such as AND, OR to aid timing considerations
Flexibility to customize parameters of the indicators supplied
Easy-to-use GUI to build your own trading system swiftly
Diagrams of the buy/sell signals are included
A library of ready to use trading rules
Backtester of trading system
Stock screener for the next profitable trade

1 year subscription to primary market with historical data
1 year subscription to XPertTrader
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