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What others say?

“The support and resistance lines are useful to form my trading plan.”

“I like to trade breakouts and this feature is wonderful for me as it alerts me to breakout stocks.”


Achieve more time savings and great convenience by using the new support and resistance feature which automatically plots these two important stock price levels on your ChartNexus charts. It also comes together with an alert system where you will be notified if a stock breakout of its resistance or support price level.

What is Support & Resistance?

A support is where demand for the stock is strong enough to prevent the price from falling. Demand is synonymous with bullish and buying. A resistance is where supply for the stock is plentiful enough to prevent the stock from rising further. Supply is synonymous with bearish and selling.

What are the benefits?

Support and Resistance are essential ingredients to technical analysis. When used together with other forms of studies like indicators, candlesticks and volume analysis, a trader can greatly increase his winning probabilities in the stock market.

The Alert Table will present a list of stocks which has broken its resistance or support level. This will provide insights to the user where the actions are.
User will be able to see where are the closest resistance and support levels and plan his trade accordingly.

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