5.7 Fixing Data

Sometimes due to problem with the connection or some issue with downloading or possibly problem at our server end, the data may be corrupted or missing, and causing problem when displaying your selected chart. To fix this,

  1. In the Menubar, click on Help.

  2. Next, click on Fix Corrupted/Missing Data.

  3. A window will appear as shown in FigureĀ 5.9.

  4. Select All stocks and Reinstall market data (assuming if you want to (re)download the entire market data. Otherwise you can just select a particular stock before proceeding further.

  5. Click on the Go button.

\includegraphics[width=1\textwidth ,bb=0 0 468 359]{fixing_data.png}
Figure 5.9: Fixing corrupted or incomplete data for an equity.

NOTE: If using this step does not resolve your problem, please drop us a mail.