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Stock Game

A virtual stock trading game designed to expose the baby boomers of the trading community with real-life trading experience. There is no better way for novice traders to subject their emotions to test than having an actual trading. This is where ChartNexus Stock Game comes in. With this Stock Game platform, we can help the novice traders acquire valuable lessons from stock market trading without the possibility of their savings to dissolve or even worse to be at a negative equity at such a young age.

Featured Highlights
  • LIVE Stock Quotes
  • LIVE Interactive Charts with Technical Indicators
  • Portfolio and Management System
  • Up to 5 Customizable Watchlist
  • Ranking of Players
  • Stock order status according to LIVE trading volume
  • Embedded stock screener (ChartNexus Analyzer)


RHB Invest Analyzer
Our businesses are offered through our main subsidiaries - RHB Bank Bhd and RHB Investment Bank Bhd, which are wholly owned by RHB Capital, and RHB Insurance Bhd, which is 79.5% owned by RHB Capital. Our Islamic Banking Unit, RHB ISLAMIC Bank Bhd, is wholly owned by RHB Bank, while our asset management and unit trust businesses are held under RHB Investment Management Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of RHB Investment Bank. More


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Corporate Partners
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